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eMoney by ACT is an additional card service that can be included in any card scheme to create a single card with multiple functions. It is designed to pay for the small things in life, making life easier for the card holder and creating efficiencies for scheme operators.

  • Works with HOPS to enable cashless ITSO journeys
  • Loads eMoney at retail or point of service outlets
  • Supports online top-up and account management
Technical notes
  • Requires a host service
  • Reads cards with an RFID terminal or reader
  • Deducts transaction value at the terminal then updates the eMoney host system
  • Manages financial settlement with the merchant's bank via the host system
Solutions using eMoney

Industry view

"For the first time ever, passengers will be able to make online top-ups to ITSO cards for pay-as-you-go travel on Arriva buses in Bolton. It adds a completely new level of flexibility to bus travel."

Phil Stone

MD, Arriva North West



Head of Learning and Development

"The Bolton project was the UK's first ITSO enabled multi-purse scheme and has proven the benefits of exploiting smart card technology to provide multiple services on a single card."

Why ACT?

We built the acclaimed sQuid eMoney platform, so we know what it's all about . Now we're bringing this experience to all of our solutions, from transport to tourism.