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The CMS by ACT (Customer Management System) enables you to manage many different types of card programme, from commercial transport ticketing and concessionary travel through to young persons' entitlement cards. It lets you issue cards and tickets, manage customer details and transactions, keep track of documents and view reports. CMS is not just limited to simple travel cards; you can use it for more holistic schemes using multi-function cards and non-card media such as travel vouchers.

  • Creates and manages customer accounts and records
  • Provides audits of customer account history
  • Issues and manages smart cards
  • Shows customer travel and payment transactions
  • Blocks cards and tickets through hot-listing
  • Updates cards and tickets through action-listing
  • Provides reports on customer and card data
  • Manages customer enquiries through a call centre module
  • Issues tickets remotely and tracks online purchases through a web retail ticket module
  • Manages card issue and reissuing through the CMS online web portal service
  • Ensures data is accurately cleansed and in a suitable format
Technical notes
  • Accessed through an online back office
  • Protects data using industry standard encryption
  • Integrates fully with the HOPS by ACT
  • Integrates with the RetailPOST
  • Integrates with other third-party systems using a wide range of interfaces
  • Supports ITSO cards and transactions
  • Supports in-house or bureau card issuance
Solutions using CMS

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ACT worked closely with Cheshire’s local authorities and transport operators to deploy an integrated end-to-end ITSO architecture, including its HOPS transaction processing engine and Customer Management System (CMS)...
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Account Director

"A customer's overall happiness is made or broken on their service experience. By combining intuitive CMS tools with listening to your priorities, we can help you become more service-oriented and align your business processes. It's a win-win."

Why ACT?

Our ITSO compliant CMS delivers a complete 360º view of your customers, cards and transactions. Whether it be transit, retail, tourism, leisure or eMoney - we have what it takes to deliver your customer experience.