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Analytics by ACT provides the data and tools to better understand passengers’ travel patterns, tailor services to match passenger demand, reduce operating costs, and uncover any unusual journey activity.

  • Links together information on passengers, their cards, products and journeys
  • Drag and drop user interface supports dynamic, train-of-thought analysis
  • Results displayed as lists, tables and graphs
  • Drill down to evaluate the detail behind any result
  • User-set criteria can be applied to flag unusual behaviour patterns
  • Reports can be easily shared with other in-house users
  • Reports can be scheduled to run and distributed regularly or on exception
  • Easy export to Excel, Word or PowerPoint
Technical notes
  • Data securely hosted by ACT
  • Data manipulation performed centrally on ACT servers
  • Data refreshed under a managed contract
  • Combines data from HOPS, CMS and additional data sources
  • Exceptional data processing speed makes it easy to analyse a vast amount of data, quickly and intuitively
  • User interface is provided by a client windows application installed locally
Solutions using Analytics

ACT Analytics brochure

ACT Analytics brochure


Analytics Manager

"One of the key benefits of going smart is to gain a better understanding of passengers - ACT Analytics gives our customers the tools to interrogate the data generated by their smart products to inform business decisions and improve service delivery."

Why ACT?

ACT Analytics comes with a complete package of training, support and consultancy to help users get the most from this powerful tool.