Privacy policy

Last updated 21 May 2018 

Applied Card Technologies Limited (company number 04476799) (”ACT”) is committed to ensuring that your personal information is used properly and is kept securely.  This Privacy Policy explains how ACT will collect and use your personal information through its website (the “Website”). 

Registration as a Data Controller

ACT is a ‘Data Controller’ as recognised by the current Data Protection legislation and has registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK (registration number Z7048163). ACT processes personal data to enable us to provide our services to our customers, to maintain our own accounts and records, and to support and manage our staff.   

Processing Information Fairly and Lawfully

ACT processes information only where: 

  1. We have a legitimate interest to do so, or
  2. A contract has been entered into that allows us to, or
  3. It is in the vital interests of the data subject, or
  4. You have given explicit consent, or
  5. We have received a court order. 

We will not process personal data unless at least one of the above conditions apply. 

Collection of Personal Information 

ACT believes in the principle of transparency regarding what data we collect and why we collect it so that the relevant data subjects can make informed decisions about whether they want their data to be processed or not. ACT collects data to operate effectively and to enhance the services that we provide to our customers. 

We may collect and process data about you: 

  • If you contact us directly (via email, telephone or letter), we may keep a record of that correspondence;
  • By recording details of your visits to our website including, but not limited to:
  • Google Analytics –
  • Cookies – Details on the cookies that ACT use can be found here 

We use this information: 

  1. To process and respond to requests, enquiries and complaints received from you;
  2. To provide services requested by you;
  3. To communicate with you about services provided to you. 

All data processed by ACT will be stored within our business systems and retained in accordance with the ‘Data Retention’ section of this policy. 

Ensuring Personal Information is accurate and secure

ACT ensures that information held on our corporate systems and paper filing systems are secure. This is to guard against unauthorised or unlawful processing or accidental loss, destruction of, or damage to personal data.  ACT holds accreditations and memberships in order to confirm that our systems are providing the necessary safeguards to protect the data we hold. 

ACT only collects and records personal information that is necessary to carry out its functions.  To the extent that it is reasonable and appropriate to do so, ACT will check that the personal information being collected and recorded is accurate. 

Data Sharing

ACT may share your personal information with third parties in the following ways:

  • ACT sometimes uses third parties to process personal information on its behalf.  Where third parties are used to process personal information, ACT will ensure that the third parties have adequate security measures in place to safeguard your personal information.
  • ACT will release your personal information when it is required to do so for legal or regulatory purposes or as part of legal proceedings. 

Where your data is stored

ACT data and systems are physical located on servers securely hosted in the UK and other European Countries.  

Data Retention

ACT will only retain your personal information if a business need exists.  It is not kept longer than is necessary for that purpose.  A formal data retention policy is in place at ACT for all personal information that it holds. 

A copy of the data retention policy can be obtained by sending a request to the Data Protection Officer (see ‘Invoking Your Rights’ section below). 


ACT will only contact individuals who have provided explicit consent to receive direct communication for marketing purposes, and only in relation to ACT’s products and/or services. 

Should you wish to opt-out of receiving marketing communications from ACT:

  • Click on the unsubscribe facility available within the marketing email and or
  • Reply to the individual who has contacted you to request no further marketing contact. 

Your Rights

As detailed in the applicable Data Protection legislation, each Data Subject is afforded a number of rights.  In accordance with these rights, ACT will, upon request:

  • Provide you with all of the data ACT hold about you, in a machine-readable format;
  • Provide you with access to any or all the data that ACT hold about you, and provide you with details about why we have the data;
  • Rectify any information about you that is deemed incorrect;
  • Unless we are required to continue doing so by legislation, stop, or where applicable, restrict the processing of data about you;
  • Remove all records about you from our systems, providing that there is not a legal reason to retain it.  If there is a legal reason, we will inform you of it, and provide you with details about how much longer we are required to retain your data for. 

Invoking your Rights

If you wish to invoke any of the rights afforded to you, then you must request this providing your contact details.  Once you have submitted a request, we may contact you to verify your identity.  Such requests should be directed to: 

Data Protection Officer
Applied Card Technologies Ltd
Langley Gate
Kington Langley
SN15 5SE
Telephone: +44(0)1249 751200 

Complaints about how we process your personal information

Any complaints regarding how ACT processes your personal data should be addressed to: 

Data Protection Officer
Applied Card Technologies Ltd
Langley Gate
Kington Langley
SN15 5SE
Telephone: +44(0)1249 751200 

Should you feel that your complaint has not been dealt with in a satisfactory manner, you may escalate your complaint to: 

Sales Director 
Applied Card Technologies Ltd
Langley Gate
Kington Langley Chippenham
SN15 5SE 

Should you feel that the response provided is still not satisfactory, you should forward your complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (