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Transport Minister applauds the UK’s most advanced ITSO ticketing infrastructure

04 February 2013

Wales Transport Minister unveils new retail channels powered by ACT technology


Wales Transport Minister, Mr Carl Sargeant visited Wrexham to formally launch the GoCymru card and gain a first-hand view of how far the Wales’ vision for a unified, sustainable transport infrastructure has advanced transport in Wales.

Since 2008 ACT has shared the Welsh Government’s vision and created a technology roadmap that turned interoperable, multimodal travel into a reality on a national scale. The Welsh Government’s National Pay As You Go smart card (GoCymru) has got off to a great start and is due to be rolled out nationally across Welsh bus operators during 2013.

Establishing a convenient and accessible retail network was the crucial next step in the Welsh Government’s ambitious plans to launch the UK’s most advanced ITSO transport infrastructure. The Retail POST by ACT is an EPOS system specifically designed to retail travel products and load them onto smart cards. Retail POSTs are deployed in post offices, retail outlets, travel centres and universities across Wales, with convenience and accessibility at the heart of this retail network.  

In addition to the extensive retail network, customers in the trial are also able to order cards online and top up to a maximum of £50 – online and on bus.

Using the in store Retail POST, the Transport Minister was able to see just how easy and convenient it is for customers to buy transport tickets in store and get them loaded onto their smart card for use across all operators participating in the national GoCymru pilot.

Mr Sargeant, summarised the benefits of the GoCymru card, “Not having the correct change for the bus will be a thing of the past with the introduction of this new GoCymru travel card.”

“Providing the people of Wales with a realistic alternative option to the car for their everyday journeys is key if we are to develop a truly sustainable public transport network that is widely used across Wales. Part of this goal is to remove any misconceptions about public transport or any unnecessary inconveniences – such as not having the right change.” 

And it’s not just the travelling public that are benefiting from the scheme. Another positive impact of the government backed national GoCymru travel card is the ability for small operators to implement the same ITSO based end to end ticketing technology as larger operators. This is due to the Welsh Government’s pledge to join up travel across the whole country, across multiple operators and modes of transport.

Gary Watts, CEO for ACT commented, “Being a key enabler of the Wales Government’s vision to transform their national transport infrastructure has been a challenging and exciting journey. Establishing a high street retail presence with the Post Office using our ITSO and eMoney retail systems was a key milestone for the national programme.  The future of the GoCymru card has a lot to offer, and we have an exciting product roadmap to deliver the long term ambitions of the Welsh Government.”

Gary added, “Being part of the Smart Transactions Group has enabled us to provide a complete end to end solution, leveraging sQuid’s FSA-compliant eMoney platform and payments network with our proven ITSO certified managed intelligent ticketing solution.”

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