Smoother journeys and flexible ticketing for public transport users

People using phone, watch, debit card and travel card to pay for transportACT, a Fujitsu company, is set to enable smoother journeys and flexible ticketing on public transport with the launch of Actora Account Based Ticketing (ABT).

Currently, public transport users, outside of London, are presented with a bewildering number of options when choosing the most cost-effective ticket for their journeys. To select the best value ticket, passengers need to know the cost of a multitude of ticket options and their travel plans for the week ahead. It’s a time consuming, inconvenient and inflexible way to buy transport tickets.

Actora ABT puts an end to this frustrating process for passengers by calculating the best value fare for their travel over the day or week and taking payment after they travel.  Passengers just need to ‘tap on’ and ‘tap off’ transport services using a secure token such as a mobile phone or contactless bank card.

With no need to buy a ticket in advance to secure the best fare, passengers benefit from the convenience to board services quickly and easily, secure in the knowledge they will be charged the best fare for their travel. This could be a single tap flat fare, or a capped fare using more complex ‘tap’ criteria such as the start and end points for multi-stage or multimodal journeys. 

The Actora ABT back office takes care of all the complex calculations needed to provide the best value fare for passengers.

Operational efficiency and cost savings for transport organisations
As well as a boost to revenue from increased ridership, Actora ABT also provides operational cost savings. For example, because all the required logic is held in the back office, ACT’s solution can be deployed and integrated with transport organisations’ existing ticketing infrastructure, quickly and cost effectively.

Additionally, by utilising passengers’ own secure tokens (contactless bank card, mobile or even smart watch), transport organisations can reduce paper ticket stock and smart cards, resulting in major cost savings.

Incorporating self-service change management, transport organisations can make changes to their scheme, such as introducing new ticket types or updating fares, giving them the agility to respond to market needs quickly.

Mark Fagan, ACT’s Sales Director, added, “At ACT, we work hard to develop solutions to better serve the travelling public, while securing operational efficiency for transport organisations. Our ABT solution helps boost passenger journeys and creates operational cost savings for operators.

“Delivered through our Actora smart-ticketing platform, it provides passengers with the convenience to use whatever they have in their pocket to pay for their journeys, safe in the knowledge they will be charged the best value fare.”

Actora: A secure cloud platform for managing digital ticketing operations

Actora ABT is part of the Actora cloud-based smart-ticketing platform, which provides transport organisations with:

• Streamlined ticketing operations.
• An intuitive interface for managing multiple ticketing schemes.
• Automated fare apportionment across multimodal and multi-operator services.
• Simplified self-service change management for speedy journey and fare updates.
• Full *ITSO compliance.
• Future-proofed ticketing with the ability to integrate new smart tokens such as smart watches and wrist bands.
• APIs for easy integration to third-party applications.

Actora provides transport organisations with the tools to digitise their ticketing and payment services, streamline scheme and change management, and deliver the experience that today’s tech-savvy passengers demand.

ACT will be presenting Actora ABT on stand A38 at Transport Ticketing Global (the World’s largest event dedicated to smart ticketing for transport), 29-30, January 2019, London.

*ITSO is the smart ticketing specification for national government-funded concessionary travel schemes.

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