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RSL in deal to secure smart ticketing capabilities

10 February 2014

RSL (Region Services Limited) has signed a partnership contract with ACT to connect to its Cloud Ticketing Service, securing ITSO* smart ticketing capability for its ticketing devices and kiosks.

RSL in use

Photo courtesy of RSL


As a leading supplier of interactive public information systems, it joins a growing number of ACT Cloud Partners wanting to grow their services fast, reliably and cost-effectively, by joining the ACT Cloud. RSL supplies a wide range of interactive terminals, ticketing machines, broadcast screens and innovative passenger information system software. With a strong track record for working with local authorities and transport operators, the company is ideally placed to deliver smart ticketing as an additional consumer service.

Roger Mathers, Director of Business Development, RSL said, “Rolling out smart ticketing is the next big challenge for many of our customers. Here at RSL, we have the relationships, tools and knowledge to help our customers make it happen. Joining the ACT Cloud makes it easy for us to cost-effectively deploy smart ticketing across our network.”

ACT makes it simple to connect more systems to its ticketing cloud. All the communications, transaction processing and payments are managed in the ACT Cloud so retailers and suppliers of ticket vending machines don’t need to invest in additional hardware to gain ITSO capability.

Gary Watts, CEO, ACT explained, “I’m pleased to welcome RSL as our latest Cloud Partner.  Our Cloud Services infrastructure is helping systems providers grow their services by joining the ACT Cloud Ticketing platform. Having achieved Part 11 ITSO certification for our Remote POST technology, we can now easily and cost-effectively connect more services to the ACT Cloud, extending top-up and collection points as well as offering the convenience of online ticket download for passengers.”


* ITSO – The Government backed ITSO specification is the secure technical, electronic platform on which UK smart ticketing schemes can be built. Part 11 was an addition to the ITSO specification and provides the technical specification to remotely locate ISAMs * from the device the user presents their customer media to.
* ISAM (ITSO Secure Application Module) is a secure, encoded microchip, which checks the holder's card permissions, authenticates and validates their electronic ticket, and stores journey data for further processing.


For more information, please contact: Joanne Hutchinson, Marketing Manager, Applied Card Technologies Limited.

T: 01249 751200
F: 01249 751201