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ITSO keyring rollover fact sheet

27 January 2015

The ITSO keyring rollover fact sheet

Customer Service Notification

Further to the decision by ITSO to roll the transaction keyring on all ISAMs, ACT has commissioned and resourced its own specialist ISAM (ITSO Security Access Module) Keyring Rollover Test and Delivery Team. For the past four months, our team has been working with ITSO to ensure your ACT HOPS can support the current and new keyring, and can issue new keyring updates to your infield ISAMs.  ACT will not pass on the costs of this preparatory work to any of our customers.  

What is a keyring rollover?

ITSO systems benefit from a high level of security, which is partly due to every transaction being encrypted by a number of keys held in a ‘transaction keyring’ on each ISAM. The expiry date for the current transaction keyring is 18 November 2015, and consequently, ITSO have now ‘rolled’ the existing keyring to make a new keyring ID available for use with an expiry date of 13/01/2021.

What happens if all ISAMs aren’t updated with the new keyring?

If an ISAM is not updated with the new keyring prior to 18 November 2015, it will not be possible for it to transmit any messaging or transaction data after this date. ACT is prepared for the keyring rollover and is working with suppliers and clients to ensure that all ACT ticketing systems are updated well in advance of the current keyring expiry date.

What is ACT doing to prepare for the keyring rollover?

We have completed end-to-end testing of the keyring roll using a dedicated ACT test system connected to the ITSO test ISMS.

·       We have successfully upgraded the majority of clients’ HOPS to version 5.2.2 to support the keyring rollover.

·       The remaining HOPS, with specific configuration or release requirements, are to be upgraded shortly.

·       Once your HOPS upgrade is complete, it will have the capability to support both the current keyring and the new rolled  keyring.

·       ITSO have now “rolled” the current keyring, so a new keyring is available for use with an extended expiry date. ACT Customers with their own HOPS staging environment have been invited by ACT to perform User Acceptance Testing against the rolled keyring.

·       ACT are working with ITSO and other HOPS suppliers to ensure there is a co-ordinated approach to the live system roll out of the new keyring in order to minimise risk and impact to all operational systems.

Next steps

·       Your Service Delivery Manager, Account Manager or Project Manager will be in touch shortly to discuss dates for the start of  the roll out of the new keyring to your scheme.

·       Please contact your POST suppliers to engage them in the verification and roll out process for your scheme.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ITSO keyring rollover, please feel free to contact Geoff Coker, Keyring Rollover Project Manager, on 01249 751200.


For more information, please contact: Joanne Hutchinson, Marketing Manager, Applied Card Technologies Limited.

T: 01249 751200
F: 01249 751201