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Improving transport services through ACT Analytics

30 June 2015


Analytics MDM


 Applied Card Technologies has launched ACT Analytics, a powerful analytical platform that gives transport operators, local authorities and transport planners extensive powers to interrogate passenger and transport data in a way that turns complex data into meaningful business information.  

As the adoption of smart ticketing continues across the country, a huge amount of data is collected about passengers and their travel patterns. But data on its own is of limited value. Real value is only achieved if data is translated into meaningful information that can inform business decisions and service delivery.

Following a 12 month research and development programme, and extensive customer pilot studies, ACT Analytics has been launched to help customers gain unique insight from their complex smart ticketing and retail data. The ACT Analytics platform provides the data and tools to better understand passengers’ behaviour, tailor services to match passenger demand, reduce operating costs, and uncover any unusual journey activity.

Rapid results

ACT Analytics’ exceptional data processing speed makes it easy to analyse a vast amount of data, quickly and intuitively.


ACT Analytics makes it quick and easy for transport operators and public transport authorities to gain in-depth knowledge from various channels of data including retail, journeys, payment and mobile. This helps them to improve services and reduce costs through:

  • Improved understanding of journey patterns to help design better, sustainable passenger transport services.
  • Using comparable journey intelligence to better estimate transport demand resulting from new housing, community or commercial developments.
  • Identifying and investigating ticket and transaction anomalies or fraudulent use.
  • Comprehensive analysis of how different types of bus passes are used, leading to improved products.
  • Setting bespoke alerts to monitor important business indicators and unusual behaviour patterns.
  • Gaining further insight by drilling down to evaluate the detail behind any result.

Gloucestershire County CouncilGloucestershire County Council (GCC) has used ACT Analytics to find ways to improve its transport services by gaining a better understanding of the needs of its passenger and their usage patterns.

Alan Barrett, Passenger Transport Manager, GCC said: “Gloucestershire County Council has used ACT Analytics to save both administrative and operating costs for our concessionary pass schemes. With a bus and community transport network on which some 20 million passenger journeys are made annually, and a local population of 600,000, it has become an important tool to ensure services are sustainable and accessible for transport users across the county.

“In the past we relied on regular and ad-hoc reports to provide basic information on usage patterns and manually generated bus pass anomalies, but reports only provide a limited snapshot view. ACT Analytics gives us all the information we need, which is both up to date and comprehensive, in a meaningful and flexible way to help us to make informed decisions.”

Putting passengers first
Better transport planning and improved forecasting ensures transport services match passenger demand. Through ACT Analytics, transport operators have the information and tools they need to effectively, and cost efficiently, plan their services around the needs of their passengers.


For more information, please contact: Joanne Hutchinson, Marketing Manager, Applied Card Technologies Limited.

T: 01249 751200
F: 01249 751201