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Dundee College students travel smart with National Express

25 June 2013

ACT, working in close collaboration with a range of partners, has successfully delivered the first step towards National Express’s ambition to implement commercial smart ticketing for their UK bus operations.

The National Express Dundee and Dundee College ticketing scheme was launched to provide a cash free way to award travel bursaries to eligible students at the college. Students already had their Young Scot National Entitlement Card (NEC), but for the first time in Scotland, ITSO commercial ticketing has been added to utilise the card for travel entitlements.

Students now have a simple, seamless and cash-free way to travel across the city.

ACT’s EPOS product, called the Retail POST®, makes the process of loading the ticket entitlement on to the students’ NEC cards very simple and is conveniently sited at the Dundee College campus. Eligible students just need to visit the college registry office to have their ticket entitlement loaded on to their NEC card, which is then valid for the rest of the academic year. The NEC card can then be presented to the ticket machine when boarding the bus.

As much of the National Express technology infrastructure is already in place through the HOPS by ACT and Scottish NEC cards, implementing the scheme was very straightforward.

Following the success of this scheme, National Express is already looking ahead to extend smart ticketing to the wider public, culminating in the launch of the Discovr card – an Oyster style smart card which can be used to buy a variety of travel products.

Gary Watts, ACT CEO, explained further “We are delighted to build on the smart ticketing infrastructure we already have in place in Scotland. National Express Group and ACT have, through our collaborative approach, been able to deliver an innovative payment model for National Express Dundee commercial ticketing agenda. This is another sign that intelligent ticketing, delivering tangible passenger benefits, is transforming the ticketing and transaction landscape.”


For more information, please contact: Joanne Hutchinson, Marketing Manager, Applied Card Technologies Limited.

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