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Commuters go automatic as ACT’s unveils its ITSO Auto top-up technology

06 December 2012

ACT unveils its ITSO Auto top-up technology to facilitate ‘Oyster’ style top up capability for the UK’s travelling public.

With ITSO as the common technical standard platform, ACT’s ITSO Auto top-up technology provides an easy and convenient way for customers to pay for their travel. The Welsh Government were the first to implement ACT’s Auto top-up technology after introducing its ITSO based National Pay As You Go smartcard (GoCymru) pilot in October. Customers in the trial are now able to order cards online and top up to a maximum of £50 – online, on bus, in retail outlets, and operator travel centres. The scheme is due to be rolled out nationally across Welsh bus operators during 2013.

ACT and sQuid (part of the Smart Transactions Group) have worked closely together to bring the benefits of Auto top-up to Wales. ACT provide their intelligent ticketing and payment transaction engines along with their leading CMS and HOPS systems and sQuid provide their FSA authorised e-payments network.

Once a cardholder registers their card they can enable their Auto top-up facility via their web site account. Cardholders can top up online and their top up will then be available to collect at ACT’s retail terminals (called the Retail POST®), conveniently located at various post offices, universities and travel centres. With Auto top-up, the cardholder never runs out of credit, as their GoCymru card is automatically topped up from their bank account whenever the balance falls below £8.

Gary Watts, CEO for ACT adds, “The Welsh Government, ACT and our delivery partners have worked together to enable this technology to be a first of its kind in Wales, which is exciting. Not only is the Auto top-up technology first in Wales but this National initiative is a first of its type in the UK. By harnessing the FSA payments network of sQuid we have been able to provide a low cost and flexible service to customers. The future of the GoCymru PAYG programme is very exciting and is already starting to evolve as we introduce new retail channels, mobile NFC and new collection channels aimed at delivering our customer’s vision and desired goals.”

Referring to the GoCymru initiative, Viv Collins, the Welsh Government Smart Card Project Manager said, “This is a challenging, multi stakeholder implementation using the very latest in smart ticketing and payment technology. This is a very exciting move forward for smart ticketing in Wales.  Cardiff Bus and Newport Transport have already demonstrated considerable success with the introduction of their commercial smartcards and we want to see that success replicated throughout the country.”  She continues, “Public transport users like smartcards as they are more convenient than cash. They also play a big part in encouraging more people to use our buses, thereby reducing congestion and helping the environment.”

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