ACT’s smart technology is just the ticket for students

ACT, a Fujitsu company, has developed a solution that enables educational settings to offer students easy access to subsidised transport.

Providing students with access to subsidised travel is a key way to ensure students maintain the attendance they need to get the best possible education. By making this easy, through ACT’s Smart Enable platform, more students can benefit from affordable travel.


Most schools, colleges and universities have already invested in student smart cards, for access to the site and additional services. Their card infrastructure can now be leveraged to ensure fast and cost-effective deployment of subsidised travel products.

Students simply need to tap their cards at on-site collection devices to collect smart travel products conveniently, via a connection to ACT’s Smart Enable platform.

As well as enabling students to use a single card to access multiple services, the solution also provides educational settings with insight into student travel patterns and service usage and helps to uncover any unusual or fraudulent journey activity for investigation.

Mark Fagan, ACT Sales Director added, “At ACT, we work hard to develop solutions that better serve the travelling public, whether that’s for work, education or recreation. Access to education is critical for society and our Smart Enable platform makes it easy and cost-effective to add transport ticketing to existing student smart cards”.

For information on how ACT can help you incorporate smart travel services on existing smart card services, or for help in devising a new scheme, please get in touch.

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For further information, please contact:
Joanne Hutchinson, Marketing Manager,
ACT, a Fujitsu company.
T: 01249 751200