ACT launches transformational smart-ticketing environment

Two female office workers at a transport ticketing control centreACT, a Fujitsu company, has launched Actora®, a modular smart-ticketing environment which gives 360° visibility and greater control of transport-ticketing operations through a powerful, consolidated, user interface.

Gary Watts, CEO, ACT, advised: “This is the most advanced ticketing environment we’ve built by far. Following an extensive market research and a customer engagement programme, our R and D teams have been designing and building Actora for two years.  It will transform how ticketing schemes are deployed and managed.”

A control centre for transport ticketing

Actora provides a consolidated, user-friendly interface to the ACT back-office systems that underpin digital ticketing schemes all over the UK.

Real-time operational control of transport ticketing schemes, using at-a-glance interactive dashboards, provides extensive, operational self-service features for users. It delivers business and passenger insight and provides greater control over day-to-day ticketing operations, which enables transport organisations to respond faster to changes in passenger demand.

With inbuilt support for ITSO* and cEMV standards, Actora brings key retail, transport and payment information together seamlessly to give clients increased operational visibility of their ticketing and payment schemes.  Together with new modular functions such as Catalogue Management, operators can use its consolidated back-office interface to define and deploy ticket and pricing changes. This operational agility enables ACT clients to respond to market demand by implementing new ticket products, quickly and independently.

Performance, adaptability and security

Built on an agile, micro-service architecture, Actora is a unique environment which delivers the products and services needed for digital transformation in transport ticketing. ACT has adopted a design principle of ‘an API for everything’, with performance, adaptability and security at its heart. This makes integration and delivering new functionality simple, through established configuration and streamlined deployment.

Tom Neale, Director of Software and Design at ACT, explained further: “With Actora, everything immediately becomes clearer. Information is presented in the way our clients need it, which makes it easy for them to manage customer accounts, cards, ticketing and retail payment operations within their own user-friendly interface.

“We designed Actora to make it quicker and easier for clients to access the information that’s important to them as well as increase their ability to make changes to their schemes themselves.”

Gary Watts, CEO, ACT, summarised the driver behind this new development: “As our clients develop more and more sophisticated ticketing schemes, we have been busy designing ways for them to get the most out of their schemes. In today’s connected world, our clients need a platform that brings everything under one roof and gives them a flexible environment that can adapt quickly to their changing needs.”

* ITSO specification – the UK-wide technical specification for smart ticketing.

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