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ACT launches mobile app for reading ITSO smart cards

29 October 2012

ACT, the smart transaction services provider for the retail, transport, payment and tourism sectors, has unveiled its market ready Android mobile application capable of reading and displaying the contents of any ITSO-based transport ticketing smart card.


ACTmticketingThe mobile Android app displays the contents of ITSO smart cards, paving the way for phone-based inspection system, merchant and customer self-vending. This production strength mobile application from ACT paves the way for smart card ticket validation on mobile phones.


ITSO is the UK’s national standard for enabling integrated and interoperable smart ticketing, and is being employed by transport operators such as Go-Ahead, Transport for Greater Manchester, Merseytravel, Wales, Scotland, Leicestershire and Cheshire amongst others.


"ACT’s mTicketing services are now connecting passengers’ mobiles to their travel and payment smart cards. This latest innovation from ACT harnesses the power of NFC enabled smartphones to create a unique phone based inspection solution and a passenger self-vend mobile platform. Now passengers and inspectors can simply check what’s on a smart card without the need for specialist and expensive hardware. Soon, users will be able to upgrade their app to buy and receive a wide variety of travel and tourism tickets, or top up their smart card credit using their phone.” said Gary Watts, CEO, ACT.


Travellers will soon be able to upgrade their app to buy rail, bus and tourism tickets, or top-up credit for their smart card on their handset, rather than at an in-station terminal.


For more information, please contact: Joanne Hutchinson, Marketing Manager, Applied Card Technologies Limited.

T: 01249 751200
F: 01249 751201