ACT launches ABT with Barcodes for simple ‘scan-on’, ‘scan off’ best-value fares

ACT, a Fujitsu company, has launched ABT with Barcodes to enable transport scheme operators to offer passengers Account Based Ticketing, without the need for complex infrastructure changes.

Convenient, flexible and easy to use, ABT puts passenger needs first – both in terms of getting the best value fare and the ability to avoid using cash and multi-user touch screens in the ticketing process. Using barcodes as the travel token means passengers just ‘scan on’ and ‘scan off’ by presenting their personalised barcode. 

Boosting passenger confidence

Girl using mobile ticketing

Following the events of recent months, reducing cash handing and multi-user touch screens can help to boost passenger confidence in using public transport. ABT with Barcodes allows passengers to service their own ticketing needs through their smartphone, whenever they need to travel.

It also enables operators to offer best value fares, without the cost of issuing or managing smart cards. Passengers simply need to download the travel app, set up their payment details, and they can start using ABT.

Mark Fagan, Head of ACT, said, “We are supporting our customers in adapting their ticketing process to respond to the challenges they face with passenger confidence in public transport.

“Giving passengers the choice to avoid multi-user touch screens or cash, while securing best value fares, is one way we can help to increase passenger confidence”.

Secure, dynamic token generation and encryption

Once a user sets up their account, a personalised barcode token is automatically generated every 24 hours and encrypted onto their phone when online. For extra security, this barcode is dynamically refreshed in the app every 15 seconds, even when off-line.

Flexible options for capping and concessions

Rolling fare capping can be applied over the day, week or month – making it a great option for passengers who don’t always know how much they will be traveling.

Capping is also applied for passengers with concessionary entitlements, such as such as young person or student – their entitlements are automatically associated with their account to offer them the best fares.

For more information or to request a demo of ABT with Barcodes, please contact ACT on or +44 1249 751200.

Transport ticketing with barcodes

To find out more...

For further information, please contact:
Joanne Hutchinson, Marketing Manager,
ACT, a Fujitsu company.
T: 01249 751200