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ACT invests in hosting infrastructure to meet future service demands

11 July 2013

The way ACT’s services are accessed is changing. Putting passengers first means giving them choice and flexibility in how and when they buy and top-up their smart cards. In order to meet the increasing demand for online and mobile ticketing services, ACT’s customers need a flexible and scalable hosted infrastructure that can respond to peaks and troughs in demand and deliver the security required for e-commerce.

ACT solutions are delivered through a managed hosting model. Client systems are hosted on high quality hardware in a secure data centre environment. The resulting high performance service is both reliable and highly resilient.

Due to the growth in commercial ticketing and mobile content delivery, the number of end users accessing ACT ticketing services is set to grow from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands and more. In readiness for this surge in demand, ACT has been investing in its service infrastructure.

Investment in security

Allowing access to the public over the internet requires enhanced security and an infrastructure that can deal with increased processing demand, whilst delivering dynamic web content, securely and rapidly.

ACT’s new web content delivery platform provides accelerated SSL processing and on-the-fly content compression and caching to deliver web content faster to the consumer. This platform is replicated at both of its data centres ensuring continuity of service at either location. This assures the security and performance of services over the internet as ACT prepares to meet increased demand.

Investment in storage

The growing number of schemes that ACT services is increasing the amount of data being received, processed and stored. In particular, commercial schemes tend to have greater interaction with the end customer, which in turn opens up opportunities for the analysis of big data.

Providing a data platform that can store, process and analyse big data requires not just a massive amount of storage capacity, it also requires the technology to turn data into intelligence, without impacting performance.

ACT has invested in a flexible storage platform which enables it to respond to variations in demand in a flexible and economical way across many schemes. All the time, maintaining the performance required to operate a live service. Data centre to data centre replication and snap-mirror technology allow the presentation of data for analysis without impacting live performance.

An infrastructure that supports clients and the travelling public

This substantial investment in ACT’s infrastructure provides the capacity to service the UK’s changing ticket buying model, as passengers move to more online and mobile ticketing channels. Investing now, as ticketing buying behaviour is starting to change, has provided the secure, resilient and scalable infrastructure to support the demand for passengers to self-serve tickets at home or on the move.



For more information, please contact: Joanne Hutchinson, Marketing Manager, Applied Card Technologies Limited.

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