ITSO for Rail
Enhance your customers' experience with smart ticketing in stations, online and on mobile

ITSO for Rail

We have over 20 years’ experience delivering joined-up ticketing schemes for Train Operating Companies (TOCs), giving us the skills and experience to ensure success for your own project. Our ITSO solutions enable 6 million passengers to use smart cards for travel, and our enterprise-class systems are constantly available, processing more than a billion ticketing transactions a year.

With our ITSO for Rail solution, you can implement smart ticketing quickly and easily to improve passenger experiences and reduce your reliance on costly, inconvenient paper tickets.

ACT ITSO for Rail - a first class solution

Our connected, compliant ITSO architecture enables you to deploy your smart ticketing scheme smoothly and with no unwanted surprises. You can also be sure that the performance of your ticketing environment will be second to none with our reliable, feature-rich solutions.

With our connected ITSO for Rail architecture, you get:

  • Industry leading reliability
  • Scalability to handle millions of smart ticketing transactions
  • End-to-end data governance and security
  • Seamless integration with in-station, online, mobile, and onboard points of sale

Enabling smart ticketing on board trains

In 2018, Fujitsu integrated its popular STARmobile solution with ACT’s Smart Enable platform to offer customers the capability to retail and validate ITSO tickets on board trains.

The end result is a much-improved passenger experience, which has now been deployed for Transport for Wales.

By deploying this new enhanced version of STARmobile, with additional hardware upgrade, Transport for Wales has increased employee productivity and passenger satisfaction.

Sell smart tickets in station, via bookings offices, TVMs, online, on mobile, and on your trains

With our ITSO for Rail solution, you can quickly integrate ITSO smart ticketing functionality into your existing point of sale and collection systems, as well as making tickets available online, via a mobile app, and via handheld devices on trains. Our Smart Enable ‘offline’ ticketing capability ensures you can process on-board ticket sales with handheld devices on trains, even where network coverage is patchy or frequently interrupted.

Transport ticketing for rail. A woman uses her phone as a travel token
ACT ITSO fir rail. A girl on a train.

Validate smart tickets onboard trains for revenue protection

We provide a mobile solution via Smart Enable that allows onboard staff to sell smart tickets to passengers or to validate the smart tickets on their smart cards. This helps to ensure revenue protection and to ensure that onboard staff can sell and validate tickets even when network connectivity is not constant.

Work with your existing infrastructure partners

Our solution enables full integration with any leading supplier, so you can deploy ITSO smart ticketing without costly custom development work. This pre-integration also allows you to roll out smart ticketing quickly, with no disruption to your existing ticketing operations.

ACT ITSO rail solution works with your existing partners' infrastructure

Why ACT?

  • Our ITSO for Rail solution powers over 1,300 ticketing desktops at 9 of the UK’s TOCs.
  • We processed £200 million in rail smart ticketing transactions last year alone.
  • We offer native integration with third-party ticketing software including Fujitsu’s STARdesktop and STARmobile.
  • Extend retail channels to enable more passengers to arrive at the station with their ticket already loaded.

ACT and Fujitsu – Together we’re stronger for Rail

  • ACT’s ticketing back office is integrated with Fujitsu’s STARdesktop through Smart Enable to facilitate the switch to smart ticketing for rail season tickets.
  • Now millions of season ticket holders benefit from smart ticketing.
  • Through the integration of Smart Enable ‘off-line’ with STARmobile, TOCs will be able to sell smart tickets on trains.
  • Click here to find out more about Fujitsu’s extensive portfolio of solutions for the transport sector.

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