Account Based Ticketing
with ITSO
Use existing infrastructure and smart cards to give passengers ‘tap-on’, ‘tap off’ convenience and best-value fares

Account Based Ticketing with ITSO

With our ABT with ITSO solution, you can use your existing infrastructure and smart cards to give your passengers ‘tap-on’, ‘tap off’ convenience with best-value fares for their journeys.

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Enhance your passenger experience and boost ridership

ABT with ITSO enables your passengers to use their smartcard to access services without planning journeys or buying tickets in advance. This makes it even easier to use public transport, attract more passengers, and meet your ridership targets.

Enhance your customer experience with ACT ABT
ACT ABT is simple to deploy in your exisiting environment

Get started quickly with our cloud-based platform

All the business logic needed for ABT journey and fare validation and best-fare calculation is hosted in the cloud on our Actora platform. This means it’s fast and simple to deploy in your existing environment, with no need to distribute complex business rules across your ETMs, validators and other devices.

Future-proof your ticketing with our 'token-agnostic' capabilities

Our ABT solution also future proofs your ticketing with support for any new transit mode, fare type, payment method, or travel token that comes along. This means you can deliver a compelling, modern experience for your passengers, whatever the future holds.

Transport ticketing token agnostic capabilities
Public transport ticketing

Optimise and change your scheme quickly and easily - with no need for costly third-party services

The ACT ABT solution is delivered via the Actora platform, which provides self-service tools for scheme management and changes. This allows you to adapt and optimize your scheme quickly, easily, and with no need for any third-party consultancy or other services

Set up ABT smart ticketing quickly and easily with the Actora platform

Setting up ABT on your existing ITSO infrastructure is a simple, 5-step process with our Actora platform and tools:

  1. Define the ABT usage token.
  2. Update the POST configuration to recognise the new ABT usage token.
  3. Create product, fare and apportionment rules in Actora.
  4. Establish card payment processing terms.
  5. Launch the scheme and get customers signed up!

Actora ABT is delivered on Actora – a powerful, scalable and resilient cloud-hosted platform.

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