Family on train covid safe

White paper: Adapting to a changing world

Transport operators have played a critical role in serving society during the pandemic – ensuring key workers can get to work and citizens can access essential services.

How can they now respond to changing work and travel patterns,  alleviate concerns over COVID-19 and bring passengers back to public transport?


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Provide a ticketing service that supports flexible working patterns, is easy to use, and reduces the risk of coming into contact with COVID-19.

Convenient and flexible

With more people now working from home, and safety concerns about COVID-19, passengers need a ticketing service that can adapt to their changing needs.


Don’t disadvantage those without a bank account.  They need access to the same easy to use, flexible, best value ticketing.

Cost-effective deployment

For speedy, cost effective deployment choose a solution can be implemented using your existing smart ticketing infrastructure.