Mobility as a Service
Actora ABT can support MaaS services that go far beyond the scope of traditional transit services

Mobility as a Service

Build a solid foundation for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) with Account Based Ticketing.

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Evolve and grow your MaaS strategy with no technology limits

In the future, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) will join up all kinds of private and public transport services to help citizens get where they’re going faster, more easily, and with far less need to plan their trip in advance.

By incorporating non-traditional transport services, including taxis, scooter and bike hire, and others, MaaS solves the problems of ‘first mile’ and ‘last-mile’ transport to and from passengers’ doors – giving them even more reasons to use public transport rather than private cars.

Critically, ACT ABT solutions can provide a practical building block for MaaS by bringing together all kinds of joined-up transport services under a single platform.

Read our white paper for more information about ABT for MaaS, or take a look at our MaaS blog.

How ACT’s ABT solution supports your MaaS strategy

By capturing service usage ‘events’, Actora can support new kinds of services, including first and last mile services such as taxi services or public scooter or bike rentals. Additionally, it can be used to support congestion charging schemes, parking schemes, and a range of other non-traditional services.

Actora can also be used to bundle multiple traditional and non-traditional services into a single subscription payment. This has the potential to give passengers a certain number of train, bus, tram and taxi journeys each week or month to meet their specific transit needs.

The wide range of applications for Actora means you can evolve your MaaS with no technology limitations, and increase your ridership and service usage.

Find out how in our MaaS blog article.

Account Based Ticketing to MaaS
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With options for fare capping or subscription-based ‘bundles’, MaaS will bring a new level of convenience and flexibility to sustainable travel.

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