Account Based Ticketing with Barcodes
Deliver cost-effective
Account Based Ticketing
with Barcodes

Account Based Ticketing with Barcodes

With our Account Based Ticketing (ABT) with Barcodes solution, you can use your existing infrastructure to give your passengers ‘scan-on’, ‘scan-off’ convenience with best-value fares for their journeys.

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Enhance your passengers' experience and boost your ridership

Our ABT with Barcodes solution provides a way to offer accessible, inclusive and flexible ABT to your passengers.

The flexibility of pre-pay and post-pay options gives passengers the benefit of cost-effective ABT – they just need to ‘scan on’ and ‘scan off’ by presenting their barcode on their mobile phone.

With no need to buy a ticket in advance to secure the best fare, passengers benefit from the convenience to board services quickly and easily, safe in the knowledge they will be charged the best value fare for their travel.

For more information about  our token-agnostic ABT capabilities, download our white paper.

Cost-effective and simple to deploy

Save money and administration time with no need to issue or manage smart cards. Passengers just need to download the app and set up their payment details, and they are ready to go. For added convenience, they can set their parameters for automated account top ups via the app or select manual top ups via travel shops (by cash or card).

Transport ticketing token agnostic capabilities
Public transport with barcodes. A young man validates a mobile ticket

Get started quickly with our cloud-based platform

All the business logic needed for ABT journey and fare validation and best-fare calculation is hosted in the cloud on our Actora platform. This means it’s fast and simple to deploy in your existing environment, with no need to distribute complex business rules across your ETMs, validators and other devices.

Future-proof your ticketing with our ‘token-agnostic’ capabilities

Our ABT micro-services architecture also future proofs your ticketing with support for any new transit mode, fare type, payment method, or travel token that comes along. This means you can add new tokens for a multi-token solution.

Public transport ticketing with Barcodes
Public transport with barcodes. A man checks his account securely on a laptop

Secure token management

Our secure, dynamic token generation and encryption capabilities provides security for customer and account information, ensuring compliance with the GDPR and other relevant data protection regulations.

Optimize and change your scheme quickly and easily – with no need for expensive third-party services

Our ABT solution is delivered via the Actora platform, which provides self-service tools for scheme management and changes. This allows you to adapt and optimize your scheme quickly, easily, and with no need for any third-party consultancy or other services.

A high speed train approaches London

Set up ABT smart ticketing quickly and easily with the Actora platform

Setting up ABT with Barcodes on your existing infrastructure is a simple, 5-step process with our Actora platform and tools:

  1. Select your barcode usage token format (QR/Aztec) to ensure compatibility with deployed readers.
  2. Integrate the Actora Validation Library with your third-party reader providers (ETMs etc).
  3. Create product, fare and apportionment rules in Actora.
  4. Establish your card payment processing terms.
  5. Launch your app and get customers signed up.

The ABT model of ticketing appeals to regular and occasional travellers, offering the convenience and flexibility needed to encourage citizens to use public transport.

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