Account Based Ticketing
Give passengers even more reasons to use your services with 'tap on', 'tap off' covenience and best value fares every time.
Account Based Ticketing
Give passengers even more reasons to use your services with 'tap on', 'tap off' covenience and best value fares every time.

Account Based Ticketing

With Actora Account Based Ticketing (ABT), passengers can use a smart card, mobile phone, contactless bank card, or other token to access your services, with no need to buy a ticket before they travel. This allows them to board trains, buses, trams, ferries or other services quickly and easily, safe in the knowledge they will be charged the best value fare for their journeys over a day, week or month.

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Ensure success for your ABT project with our industry knowledge, experience, and delivery capabilities.

Unique ACT architecture and services

Building on our heritage of delivering large-scale ticketing schemes for transport authorities and operators, we have developed our industry-leading Actora cloud-based ABT solution.

Unique benefits for your organisation, include:

  • Future-proof innovation

    Our Actora micro-services architecture supports all types of travel tokens, payment tokens and hardware infrastructure.

  • Rapid, simple deployment

    We provide all the business logic needed to deploy ABT via the Actora platform in the cloud, so you can launch your scheme quickly.

  • ‘Co-creation’ support

    We work shoulder-to-shoulder with your teams to understand your business needs and help you design and deploy your scheme faster.

  • Freedom to design, set up and run your scheme your way

    Our platform gives you highly configurable rules to set up fare and journey structures and payment parameters quickly and easily. Read our ABT white paper to find out more.

  • Efficient management and scheme changes

    Our self-service tools make it quick and simple to manage customer accounts, cards and fare settlement, and to introduce new products and services.

  • Enterprise-class reliability for your scheme

    We provide the scalability and resilience you need to support transport organisations at all levels. 

  • Support for your future MaaS initiatives

    Our platform recognises when customers ‘tap in’ and ‘tap out’, allowing you to bill them for traditional journeys or when they use other services such as taxis, parking, bike or scooter rentals, or others. Read our blog to find out more.

Download the White Paper

Want to learn more about ACT Account Based Ticketing? Download the white paper now!

Accelerate your ABT deployment with Actora in the cloud.

With Actora, all the business logic you need for smart ticketing is hosted in the cloud and delivered ‘as a service’, speeding up your deployment and minimising impact on your services.

You can deploy ABT quickly and easily, with no need to distribute complex business rules across ETMs, validators, and other infrastructure. This reduces time to market for your ABT scheme, deployment costs, compatibility roadblocks and other potential issues.

Atora cloud based services for transport ticketing

Future-proof your scheme with our micro-services architecture and open APIs

Future proof your scheme

With Actora, you can future proof your scheme with support for any payment method, transport modes or travel token.

Our microservices architecture and open APIs allow us to separate core smart ticketing services from ‘changeable’ services such as transport modes, payment methods and payment tokens.

By taking this architectural approach, we can ensure that you are never tied into a particular vendor, payment technology or travel token, and ensuring you can always deliver a modern experience for your customers.

Define your own level of financial risk tolerance

Actora includes rules that allow you to set your own levels of financial risk-tolerance based on the debt levels that can be incurred by passengers before they are denied services and how often payment sources are checked for solvency.

Simplify your ABT deployment and operations

Actora provides configurable rules that you can set yourself to deploy your scheme and manage changes more cost effectively and simply.

The  architecture is built on a set of user-definable rules so you can easily construct journey structures, fare types, prices and other parameters – such as the validity of fares during off-peak and peak times.

You can also change rules quickly and easily, reducing dependence on third-party software providers and increasing efficiency and business agility. The effort associated with change management is also dramatically reduced, helping to lower administrative costs and increase focus on core tasks.

The operational benefits of our flexible ABT solutions for transport organisations include:

  • Dramatically reduced development workloads and costs compared to defining these parameters manually
  • Self-service tools for adding new fare types, payment methods, travel tokens quickly and cost effectively – with no need for third-party consultancy services
  • Setting risk tolerance for pre-pay and post-pay fares

Ensure success for your ABT project with our industry knowledge, experience and delivery capabilites

For more than 20 years, ACT has been delivering scalable, reliable ticketing solutions for national, regional, and local authorities and operators. Our unique industry knowledge and delivery experience, combined with our agile cloud-based platform, make us the ideal partner to support your ABT project.

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