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Chief Executive Officer

A message from the CEO

The early years

ACT's early mission was to support retail and tourism managers in rewarding their customers. We designed and developed smart card transaction systems and services so that companies could take control of their customer management and relations.

From the start we offered turnkey project delivery covering requirements capture, solution design, system build, test and deployment followed by a portfolio of services. We found that this made our products accessible to many more organisations that didn't have the technological resource to go it alone.

Projects to inspire

We have been at the heart of some fantastic projects over the years including the British Museum eMoney programme, the Manganese Bronze black cab hailing system (for taxis in London), the ESSO smart TigerMiles loyalty programme in Ireland and the Las Vegas city card.

"The more projects we completed, the more we learned how using smart technology as a framework for data integration provided a new dimension in the way our clients ran their businesses. Through practical experience and sheer hard work, our technology approach began to mature. Our clients were able to visualise the benefits of intelligent systems, providing quicker and better management information that could really improve the customer experience. We became convinced that ACT could truly make a difference in the world – connecting people with services.

Building on success

We started building for future success through research and development programmes. We invested in the enterprise-strength infrastructure and product development that would not only automate the management of smart transactions but that would capture the essence of our passion, the dedication of ACT people - in effect putting ACT thinking inside the box.

It made perfect sense to us, if we wanted to unlock all a city had to offer then we absolutely needed to embrace transport ticketing. We knew full well that the transit marketplace would be full of experienced providers and things would be tough to start with.

Getting into transport

In 2004 we joined the UK Integrated Ticketing Smartcard Organisation (ITSO), set up by the UK Department for Transport to establish and govern the standards for smart ticketing across all modes of transport including bus, rail, ferry and tolls.

In 2005, we designed and developed a ITSO-compliant ticketing management system called the HOPS which in 2005 was independently certified to meet all ITSO specification requirements. Cheshire County Council was the first ACT ITSO HOPS customer to trial the HOPS for its concessionary and commercial ticketing requirements county wide.

Since then our transport and public sector market has grown rapidly. Our HOPS is the most used in the UK and most concessionary travel schemes rely on our systems.

We've continued to innovate and invest and this has allowed us to keep our solutions progressive and relevant, sometimes solving problems that seemed unsolvable. Standing still is not one of our ambitions.

The future is smart

Times are harder now for many of our clients and it's at this point that we can really help them to streamline their processes. Doing more with less is the key to solving this problem, whether it's using the travel card system to deliver other citizen services or just making every customer count. ACT is there, making sure our clients are supported.